You as the client are welcome to participate in the design and choice of wood to be used. We use a variety of wood suppliers, guaranteeing the sustainability and availability of the wood.


Most work is done by Carlo Guelpa himself, ensuring that you get the quality that you expect. 

"If it is not good enough for my house, it most definitely does not belong in yours!
Therefore all wood is hand selected and care is taken to do proper fitment, for a long lasting product.
With the correct care and maintenance, you should have something to pass on to the kids!"



Growing up in a home where wood was a daily part of our lives, it just seemed natural to follow the same lines.

My mother is a woodcarver and national judge on the subject. My father just loved working with wood and was involved in forestry for a long time.

Moving to Cape Town gave me a chance to pursue a new avenue of doing woodwork on a permanent basis. So far I have no regrets and no reason to look back!



If you love the smell and look of natural wood -  Welcome to the family.